spontaneous wisdom



Pepper Frog Mountain, overlooking Areng Valley, Cambodia


Today is the day of your birth!

Everyones Birth!

After a 5 hour hike through the humid jungle of Areng in Cambodia, carrying food, hammocks, pots, film equipment and Chiproy (Happy)  a pregnant 3 legged Dog, up the small paths between majestically rising trees, massively grounding rocks and untamed fragrant bushes, we finally make it to the top of the Pepper-Frog mountain.
Our sweaty skins bitten by mosquitos, leeches and other creatures, our lungs grasping for air, we release our heavy luggages and bodies to the ground, taking off the heavy muddy shoes and breathing into the most stunning view.
As 5 year old Chanta, stands on the brink of this dangerously sharp looking cliff, watching out into the wast field of trees and wilderness, she rises her little palms into the hot blue afternoon sky and her almost micky-mous voice into a  strong but laughing call: Apo Satooooooo! Today is the day of your BIRTH!!!!  Everyones Birth!
This was so wise! It resonated immediately when I heard my friend Kalyanee translating her, and we all started laughing. I wondered if it was the moment after the ordeal to get here, which made her say these profound words. Her confident wisdom reminded me of this quote from the Bible, so I looked it later up. (Thank God, Google knows the Bible. 🙂
Matthew 18:2-4
2 He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
To beginn every day like a new life,
 with a special memory of  5 Year old Chanta’s spontaneous wise expression, is no coincidence, it depicts a very important point, namely that wisdom is everywhere around us, we may find it within ancient books, or within little children, within songs, or feathers, dogs or trees, coincidental encounters, rocks or letters or even on Facebook , … life has many ways to trigger our minds and make us wonder, so it is up to us if we dare to get lost and believe in new answers.
I grew up in communism and capitalism, so eventual I had to asked both systems about their concept of happiness. I became an immigrant as a child, which as a consequence made me wonder about the importance culture and home, the notion of identity and the idea of belonging.  I was raised by a grandmother, single mother and sister so later I hoped to find answers from the Tibetan matriarchs, about the impact of a certain family image and the roles of fathers and husbands within it. The painful experience of a final Ending, brought me to mediate with burmese monks, astrologists and alchemists on the meaning of helping and death.
Certain experiences leave an imprint on our minds, impacting our core patterns and trigger the search for more awareness and understanding.  There are no intentions to promote a certain truth through these reflections and personal essays, they simply explore and share the wondering upon human questions, through my individual perspective and the encounters I have been able to listen to and lern from.
My disconnection form many parts of the outside world during the past few years, has  surely helped me to embrace solitude, stillness and introspection and as a benefit I experienced a deeper connection with myself but also with those others I come to know.
In the end we are all individually responsible for our own life experience. To enhance our awareness has to be the goal for our personal but also global evolution as a human community, there are many teachers around us, many stories from the past and present to learn from, many myths and tales not just within the human languages of art, science or philosophies but especially within the voices of every day life.